Why did I start a blog???????

Hello World!  I’m sitting here wondering what on earth has possessed me to write a blog… and what am I going to say….and about what???

Frustration has got the better of me I feel. I’m just sick of whinging people, selfish people, I don’t care less people.  What is going on in this World??  Was there a global epidemic of a virus that turned people into jerks that I missed or maybe I’m the jerk and everyone else is sane…… (sigh) I don’t know.  But one thing I can tell…. I will not change!!!! I will be nice, I will consider everybody else, I will help wherever I can, I will laugh and yes sometimes I will cry but I will never ever become like the people that can… in so many ways… drive me crazzzzzeeee!

If you think about how very little it takes to be a better person, no really, think about it….. let a fellow motorist pull in front of you, say ‘thank you’ or just smile at a passer by!  Tiny, second taking things to do.

Today, I gave someone a job – not a huge, highly paid job, but a job that will take 3 or 4 days, I will give him breakfast and lunch as well as pay him a fair wage.

I said sorry to a motorist in the traffic because I didn’t see her waiting to pull out and you know what… she smiled back and put up her hand to say… don’t worry!   And because I was a better person, she was a better person – Imagine how we could all, one person at a time, change the world……!

So I ask you, what did you do today to make you a better person???

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